Alumni Scholarships

Wittenberg Legacy Scholarship

Starting at $18,450 - This scholarship guarantees that children and grandchildren of Wittenberg alumni will be awarded at least $18,450 in scholarship funding. Applicants must identify the parent or grandparent when completing their Wittenberg application for admission. Based on the student's completed application and supporting materials (transcript, optional submission of test scores and recommendations) the Legacy award can range up to $27,000.


The Wittenberg Legacy scholarship is considered a Wittenberg Scholarship. Students can only receive one Wittenberg scholarship. If eligible for more than one, the Wittenberg scholarship of the higher dollar amount will be awarded. All Wittenberg scholarships will be renewed for up to four years if the student maintains good academic standing.

Refer A Wittenberg Legacy Student

Alumni Referral Program

$1,000 per year - Alumni have the opportunity to refer students to receive a Wittenberg Referral Award. Referrals must be submitted before the student applies to Wittenberg. The award is renewable each year for four years.

Refer A Student

Deadline to refer is January 1 of the student's senior year.

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