ALCF Conference

83rd Annual Conference Of The Association of Lutheran College Faculties

Remaking Ourselves: The Impact of Human Creativity on Humanity and the World

October 4-5, 2019

As humans, we have tremendous power to influence the world in which we live. We establish governments to define our economic and political systems. We create businesses that reshape individuals, communities, nations, and the entire planet. We study the natural world and invent new technologies and medical treatments. We study our history, create art, and examine what it means to be human. But we are also finite beings with inconsistent moral and ethical behaviors and an inability (or resistance) to anticipate the long-term consequences of our actions. As faculty serving at Lutheran institutions, we are encouraged to reflect on the effects of human actions.

We invite you to Wittenberg University to engage in interdisciplinary conversations about the ways in which human actions remake ourselves and the world. What unintended consequences have emerged, even from some of our greatest achievements? How does looking at change through different generational, cultural, and other lenses help us better understand change, its origins and its impact? What opportunities to turn real or perceived problems into solutions exist? Are there problems so great that we cannot overcome them? Is the greatest challenge of all human nature itself?

Keynote Speaker: Gilbert Meilaender, Ph. D.

Gil Meilaender Gilbert Meilaender is Senior Research Professor at Valparaiso University and the Paul Ramsey Fellow at the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. He is the author of many books and articles in the field of Christian ethics. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Society of Christian Ethics, as an Associate Editor of Religious Studies Review, as a Consultant Editor of Studies in Christian Ethics, and as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Religious Ethics.  He is a Fellow of the Hastings Center and was a member of the President's Council on Bioethics from 2002 to 2009.

The ALCF is proud to partner with the Kenneth H. Sauer Luther Symposium, an annual lecture that is part of the Wittenberg Series, to bring Professor Meilaender to campus. His talk is entitled "Remaking the Human" and promises to raise provocative questions about how scientific possibilities raise ethical questions about what it means to be human.


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