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Wittenberg Guild Scholarship

On Friday, January 22, 2010 our former president, Jade Gianakopoulos joined then-Wittenberg administrators, President Mark Erickson and Vice President for Advancement, Brenda Duncan, in signing the new scholarship agreement for the Guild. Our board, along with a committee of interested Guild members, completed a study regarding our scholarship and how our funds are dispersed to the recipients. It was decided that a new endowed scholarship would be set up and that 12.5% of the funds that we raise each year will be placed in that fund. When the endowment reaches $25,000 the first scholarship will be given to a student chosen from the pool of local students who plan to attend Wittenberg.

This scholarship recipient will meet criteria determined by the board of directors of the Guild at the time of the award. We will publicize the scholarship and give publicity to our winner. Thus we hope to encourage more students to attend Wittenberg and apply for that scholarship. The remainder of the funds raised by the Guild in any given year will be given in this fashion:

  • 75% of the monies will be given in equal amounts to all local students who demonstrate financial need
  • The remaining 12½% will be awarded to one student of high ability who demonstrates financial need

The Guild Board was very enthusiastic about the changes in our scholarship program. All of these changes fall under the umbrella of the Wittenberg Guild Martha Rodgers Scholarship Fund. We also have a Clark County Endowed Scholarship which is given to a local student who demonstrates financial need.

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