#WittWed: Aaron & Victoria Patrick

Aaron was a sophomore RA in Tower when I entered my first year in 2012 as a freshman...he was on floor 7 and I was on 10. We would pass each other and chat every now and again, but didn’t think much of it until he asked me to play ping pong in the basement of Tower and if I lost I had to go on a date with him.

Not realizing he was weirdly good at ping pong, I lost pretty horribly and we went on our first date. Fast forward through years of studying together in the science center, birthday parties with friends, dancing at Wittfests, and so much more to 2015 where Aaron graduated with a degree in Geology and I followed in 2016 with a degree in Psychology.

We got married in Weaver Chapel that summer with a Witt-themed red and white wedding and reception (complete with a giant Witt “W” and miniature replicas of the famous red chairs in the hollow on each table) and multiple Witt alum in our party as well. Witt has brought us so much to be grateful for and we are forever thankful. Tiger up!

Aaron '15 & Victoria Patrick '16

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