#WittWed: Ashley (Petersen) '07 & Mark Harriman '08

Mark and I met our sophomore year. I wanted to live in Myers Hall but my roommate convinced me to live in Firestine despite the heavy football player presence...and smell.

We crossed paths at parties a few times and then both ended up in Dr. Broz's Communications class. Living one floor away, we'd study together and our friends all hung out on the weekends. Mark eventually asked me out on a date to the infamous Springfield Applebees.

When we got engaged 6 years later, it felt right to have the wedding at the place where it all began. We had our ceremony outside in graduation hollow. To this day, seeing our wedding pictures with all the familiar landmarks fills me with so much joy. They bring back memories of the people that make this place so special.

Now we are celebrating 10 years of marriage and have three beautiful children. We still feel like those idiot college kids making out on the kissing bridge wondering what the future will bring.

Ashley (Petersen) '07 & Mark Harriman '08

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