#WittWed: Brice & Katie Watkins Pearson

We met on Valentines Day of our freshman year while working a basketball game. Brice was actually wearing the tiger costume! We were both seeing other people, but over the next year of working together we got to be great friends.

Sophomore year, we started dating. Junior year, we both studied abroad- different continents, same semester. We pushed each other to pursue second majors. After graduation, we moved out of Ohio and slowly found gainful employment.

As of September, we are happily married. We have a lizard (who lived with Katie in the dorms- sorry Myers RAs!), a snake, and two cats. There are also half a dozen stuffed tigers laying around our home. We are both so glad we ended up taking a goofy job dressing up as a tiger and found each other!

Brice '18 & Katie Watkins Pearson '18

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