#WittWed: Chase & Jamie Mack Bryson

We met freshman year in Tower Hall after being introduced by mutual friends. We soon became friends and hung out on many Witt Wednesdays.

Chase and his fraternity brothers became avid soccer fans and would come to cheer in the stands - some may say they were the 'hooligan types' of fans. We finally made it official in the spring of sophomore Year, after one of our many late-night walks around campus.

Our love story took another 10 years and many different states and adventures (some together, some apart) before we finally settled back together in Cincinnati, Ohio. Chase proposed in Summer of 2016, and we were married back where it all started at Wittenberg University on June 3, 2017. We recently moved back to Akron, Ohio (Chase's hometown) and have recently welcomed our daughter Conley - the newest little Tiger into the world!

Wittenberg will forever be etched in our hearts and hold many memories of our early love story, where we said our vows and spent one of the best days of our lives, and where we have amazing memories together.

Chase '09 and Jamie Mack Bryson '09

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