#WittWed: Chris & Grace Wigton Grant

Chris and I met through our love for athletics. He played football and I played softball, but we met during an intramural basketball game, where I was working the scoreboard and he was playing the game.

We knew of each other, but we hadn’t officially met until following the game when Chris challenged me to a game of “Pig,” where I beat him! We proceeded to date for the next two years, enjoying our time as students at Wittenberg and driving to our hometowns of Worthington and Loveland every weekend during the summers to visit one another.

Shortly after Chris graduated, we ended up going our separate ways for a year in which Chris continued to pursue the relationship, driving from Cincinnati to Columbus, just to put a rose and a note in my car door handle. God brought us back together in the most perfect way over the Fourth of July weekend, and we were engaged just 7 months later.

Now, 13 years after that game of Pig, we are happily married with four beautiful kids, and a fifth due any day. We are so grateful that Wittenberg brought us together all those years ago. It was a love meant to be!

Chris '09 and Grace Wigton Grant '07

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