#WittWed: Daniel & Molly Knepper Foreman

Molly and I met at a fraternity party after I had come back from boot camp. I did not do so well my first freshman year at Wittenberg and so I had dropped out to join the Marines. I came back after boot camp while I was on leave.

We ended up talking for most of the night and the next day I had to leave for more training and eventually the war. I didn’t return for two years. According to Molly she said she we would look for me in composite photos and wonder what happened to that guy she spent the night talking to.

After I returned from the war I came back and re-enrolled at Wittenberg, and she and I would chat at a few parties but we were both seeing other people. I ended up getting a job bartending and watching the door at Station, and one night she came down on a slow night and we ended up talking for most of my shift. I told her everything I had been through and seen for the past few years in the war and everything that I had seen for the past few years.

These conversations continued for months before we both realized we had fallen madly for each other. We ended up living together shortly after and have lived together ever since. She graduated a year before me but decided to wait a year for me to graduate. Two weeks after I graduated we were married at the Springfield Art Museum and will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary with our two sons River and Wilder.

Daniel '08 & Molly Knepper Foreman '07

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