#WittWed: Glenn '85 & Karen (McCready) Stucker '85

Glenn and I met the second week of college during Freshman orientation in the fall of 1981.

And where did we meet? At the beer truck at a Beta Theta Pi party! So, yes, our lives together started with beer. :)) We have been together ever since…in May, we will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary.

Our time and experiences at Wittenberg are some of the most special moments of our lives. It feels like just yesterday that we were those two kids at Witt, pulling all-nighters cramming for exams, running around to sports events and parties, eating subs at Mike & Rosy’s, sledding in Myers Hollow, and not realizing at that time how wonderful our lives together would turn out!

Glenn '85 & Karen (McCready) Stucker '85

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