#WittWed: Jen '15 & Jeff Hall '18

Jen and Jeff met in a "non-traditional" way at Wittenberg. As members of local marching bands (KR and NE respectively), they met through a mutual friend who left Jeff's school to join Jen's.

Wittenberg held a remembrance concert on the 1st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Their two schools were placed side by side and, the two met for the first time on the 35 yard line of the football field. While they didn't attend Wittenberg together, both completed degrees several years later.

Both Jen and Jeff worked at the bookstore while taking classes and now their daughter Harleigh is doing the same. Wittenberg is a big part of their story, and it continues as Jen has recently returned to campus as an employee. Both are pictured wearing the alumni tee they designed through the bookstore for their graduating classes.

Jen Hall '15 and Jeff Hall '18

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