#WittWed: Jonathon & Lacey Eigel Forster

Johnny and I met while he was a freshman and I was a junior. A happenstance meeting at a fraternity party turned into a supportive friendship during my last two years at Witt.

We spent time cheering each other on at baseball and softball games, studying at club Lib and enjoying Greek life events. After graduation in May of 2016 I moved to D.C. to pursue my Master’s degree. We continued to talk regularly despite the distance and our busy schedules.

This talking then led to me visiting for my first official alumni Wittenberg homecoming. It was then I knew Johnny wasn’t going anywhere. We spent the weekend creating memories, seeing old friends and deciding to try to make distance work.

A year and half later Johnny moved to D.C. after his graduation and in January of 2019 he proposed. Little did I know he had actually asked my Dad on his graduation day in May! We were married in October of 2020 with many Witt alumni in attendance. Witt will forever be the beginning of us!

Jonathon '18 and Lacey Eigel Forster '16

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