#WittWed: Loren '16 & Jess Stankeveh '15

Jess and I met 10 years ago when our paths crossed in Tower Hall. He was the cute boy on the fifth floor. I was just a freshman on the 10th floor.

We exchanged words here and there and my mom even met him on the stinky elevator. He called me Turpin as we were in the same conference in our high school years back in our hometown, Cincinnati.

I was on the softball team at Witt and Jess had a campus job to commentate and announce softball games, and he was good at it. Our timelines hadn’t lined up until two years later, when I was a junior and he was a senior, we happened to be taking History of Women in Sports. We both sat in the front row, and we both happen to be single. One night at McMurray’s, we finally went for it. He would tell you we both got hammered, and as we tried to walk home, he was leaning to the left, I was leaning to the right, so we both just leaned on each other to get back to 802 North Fountain.

After Wittenberg, we lived together for four years in an apartment, grew our family with a cute furbaby, Ziggy, our Aussiedoodle. Then when we purchased our first home in 2020, I planned a housewarming party for all of our closest friends and family. Little did I know I planned my own engagement. Jess got down on one knee in our backyard of our very first home together and it was the easiest yes I ever had to say 🤍 We got married October 21, 2020. Even Ezry made an appearance at our wedding 🐯 #TigerUp #WittWed

Loren '16 and Jess Stankeveh '15

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