#WittWed: Michael & Olivia Flory Burgher

He moved into Tower and I moved into Firestine. Our story starts at Friendship Manor nearly three years after moving to Wittenberg.

Did we cross paths freshmen-sophomore year? Probably, as our friend circles overlapped frequently. In the Fall of our junior year, my high school friend and fellow Tiger, Robbie, introduced me to Michael on a lawn of Faculty Court. Some friends named their apartment Friendship Manor, where their door was always unlocked. As my best friend describes it, I was aloof that night and Michael showed immediate interest.

It wasn’t long before we were walking to Ruby’s together and kissing on the bridge by Station. I was captivated by Michael’s blue eyes, but it wasn’t until my BFF gave me a push and said, “if you’re not gonna date him, then I’m gonna date him.” I realized how special Michael was and how perfectly we matched.

After graduating, Michael moved back home to Detroit and I stayed in Ohio. We individually pursued our goals while patiently (or for me— not so patiently) waiting for the right moment. Michael stepped down on one knee in Mallorca, Spain, in 2019 and we were married in Dayton, Ohio on August 15, 2020. I moved to Detroit and we picked a house with a guest room to be sure all friends and family could visit & feel at home. Our door isn’t always unlocked, but we keep the tradition of Friendship Manor alive.

Michael '15 & Olivia Flory Burgher '15

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