#WittWed: Nathan & Stephanie Sears

Stephanie and Nathan studied English and shared many classes. During American Gothic class with Dr . Hinson Stephanie fell madly in love with Nathan for his wit and charm, dashing good looks and of course this humility.

However, it was not until studying together for an American Renaissance exam that Stephanie wagered a date. Despite having not finished the novel for the exam, Nathan confidently informed his study partners, who were working very hard, that he would be fine and would likely get a perfect score on the exam.

Perhaps in jest Stephanie wagered that if he got a perfect score he would owe her a dinner since surely it would be due to her abilities as a study partner rather than Nathan's deep, though admittedly incomplete, understanding of the materials. So, when Dr. Davis stood before the class to announce that there would be no curve, because one amazing, talented, dashingly handsome and exceedingly modest student had achieved the unachievable, Stephanie knew Nathan had received a perfect score and she had won a date.

What they didn't know is that they had both scored a perfect lifetime of love and happiness together.

Nathan '06 & Stephanie Sears '06

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