#WittWed: Pete & Molly Johns Franz

Legend has it we first met at a Witt v BW Football game in the fall of 1983.

Both sets of our parents went to Witt 72’-73’ (moms were DG sisters) and we had grandparents and aunts and uncles who went to both Witt and BW, so our families bumped into one another at the game. Pete was 2 and Molly was a baby.

Twenty years later, I was sitting on my neighbor's porch on Witt Ave across from the DG house at the beginning of my senior year and I saw a cutie pie walking into the house - I knew I had to meet her. We ended up connecting at a Wizard party a week later. Molly soon discovered that Wittenberg actually had a football team!

The rest is history. We married in 2006 and now live in Chagrin Falls with our 3 kids - Peter, Charlotte and Sam (hopefully future Tigers). We love Witt and get back to campus as often as possible (1-2 times a year).

Pete '04 and Molly Johns Franz '05

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