#WittWed: Samuel & Allison Perry Klarer

Sam and Allie met at Wittenberg in 2014 through mutual friends. They hit it off right away and went on their first date to Chakeres Theater to watch Interstellar.

That winter they joined the Outdoors Club on a ski trip to New York and not long after went on another ski trip to Virginia for spring break with their friends from Wittenberg. During these trips, they fell in love.

On a walk around campus one day, Sam led Allie to the kissing bridge where we shared a special kiss. Allie knew a kiss on the kissing bridge meant this relationship was something very special. After Allie graduated in 2015, she moved to Omaha, Nebraska and they spent the year in a long distance relationship. The year included many trips back to Wittenberg for Allie to visit Sam on the campus they both love so much.

After Sam graduated in 2016, they moved to Denver together and finally were able to be back in the same zip code. In 2018, Sam and Allie decided to go back to Wittenberg for the homecoming celebration. On their last day in Springfield, Sam insisted on taking one last walk around campus. Sam walked Allie around the familiar concrete paths through the hollow, past Myers Hall, Recitation Hall, and through Commencement Hollow, until he stopped at the Kissing Bridge and got down on one knee and asked Allie to be his wife. She said Yes! They were married on September 22, 2019 and are currently living happily in Simi Valley, California.

Samuel '16 and Allison Perry Klarer '15

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