#WittWed: Scott & Deanna Carlson Ness

I met my wife, Deanna, my first night at Witt. It was a Tuesday night in South Hall.

I had met my roommate earlier that day and we decided to do a low key, low stress night. We went to the second floor, a female floor, to spend the night hanging out with a high school classmate of mine. We were playing cards, laughing, and talking about all that was in store for us as we were just getting started at Wittenberg.

There was a knock on the door. It was the student hall director—my future wife—what was coming by to kick us out of the room and off the floor for breaking visitation hours. Yup, the first time I met my wife she was kicking me out of a female’s room. Our budding relationship has been growing and going ever since.

Wittenberg is home for us. A place we love. And the place where our love began.

Scott '01 and Deanna Carlson Ness '99

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