#WittWed: Sean & Jillian LeMaster Hyland

Jillian and I met through our passion for athletics, as she was a Cheerleader and I played on the Basketball Team.

Our story includes one specific party that was hosted by some basketball players where we hit it off with one another. Shortly after that night, we began dating. Our time together at Witt shaped our love for one another through such wonderful experiences and memories like WittFest, Chi-O formals/parties, The Basketball House(s), McMurray's, Station, The Hollow, Intramurals, Domino's pizza nights, Mike and Rosey's, Our Hero, Cramming for Psych Stats exams and many, many more memories.

After graduating in 2008, I moved back home to Cleveland as Jillian finished her Senior year. We continued our long distance relationship after Jillian graduated in 2009 and moved home to Springfield. At every opportunity we got, we were making the 3 hour trip to and from Cleveland to Springfield to see each other. In 2010, we moved to Columbus, Ohio together.

Shortly after being in Columbus, I knew that it was time to take the next step in our relationship, so I went ring shopping. Thinking of ideas on how to propose, I kept coming back to the significance and impact that Wittenberg had on both of our lives, and knew I wanted to incorporate Witt into the proposal. I took Jillian on a blind date and started driving, she had no idea where we were going. Once we got into Springfield, our first stop was at Mike and Rosey's, where we placed our order to go. Next, we went to The Hollow where I set up a picnic for us to eat some lunch and have some wine. After we finished our lunch, I asked Jillian if she wanted to go on a walk. We ended our walk on The Kissing Bridge. After planting one on her, I knew it was the perfect time to get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with me.

As we continue to grow in our love for each other with our family of four and on this wonderful journey of life, we are forever grateful to Wittenberg and our time there together.  #WittWed

Sean '08 & Jillian LeMaster Hyland '09

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