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Don't know where to start? Try: OhioLINK Electronic Book Center

African-American Poetry (1760-1900)
"Full text of almost 3,000 poems written between 1760 and 1900 by African American authors"

American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collections
Full text of American periodicals of the 17th-19th centuries

American Drama Collection
Full text of many American plays

American Poetry (1600-1900)
"Full text of over 40,000 poems by more than 200 writers from the 17th century to the early 20th century."

American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography
Fulltext of U.S. slave narratives and information about slavery. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Bible in English
Full text of 21 editions of the Bible written in English.

Credo Reference
Search online academic reference books on many topics

Dictionary of Literary Biography
Author biographies with a literary focus

Early American Fiction
Full text of early American fiction.

EBSCO eBook Collection (formerly NetLibrary)
Books available to browse, view, and check out online. Requires Adobe Digital Editions. For help getting and using the software, see: EBSCO's documentation

Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare
"Searchable full text of eleven major editions of Shakespeare's works, more than 100 adaptations, sequels, burlesques and more!"

Eighteenth Century Fiction
"Complete text of 96 works of prose fiction, written in the British Isles between 1700 and 1780."

English Poetry Collection, 600-1900
"Full text of 160,000 poems in English, including the full text of over 4400 poetry collections listed in the New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. Many of these collections are rare books, unavailable in print form."

English Prose Drama
Searchable full text of plays listed in the New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature that were written or intended for the stage and wholly or primarily in prose.

English Verse Drama
Searchable full text of over 2200 plays by more than 500 named authors and 300 anonymous works from the late thirteenth century through the end of the nineteenth century.

Humanities E-Book Project
Contains almost 800 electronic books of high quality in the field of history. These are works of major importance to historical studies, books that remain vital to both scholars and advanced students and are frequently cited in the literature. Over the next few years, the History E-Book Project plans to add approximately 250 books annually to the collection, as well as 85 new electronic titles.

O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform
Safari Books Online provides electronic books and videos in computer science, information technology, business and related fields from O'Reilly and other IT and business publishers. Note that users will be asked to enter their institutional (.edu) email address to access the site.

OhioLINK Electronic Book Center
Thousands of ebooks from academic publishers

On-Line Books Page
Searchable listings of free online texts

Oxford Reference Online
"Oxford Reference Online: The Core Collection brings together 100 well-known and trusted dictionaries and reference books, plus an Encyclopedia, into a single cross-searchable web database for the first time."

Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online is a cross-searchable library containing the full text of over 1,150 Oxford books in the areas of Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. Specially-commissioned abstracts and keywords are available at book and chapter level, and up to 200 new and recently-published books are added each year.

Oxford Very Short Introductions
Concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects.

Project Muse
Limited online access to books from academic publishers from Johns Hopkins University Press, Ohio State University Press and other academic publishers. Access given in response to COVID-19 emergency.

Sabin Americana, 1500-1926
Scanned full-text copies of early American books. Based on Joseph Sabin's landmark bibliography (Bibliotheca Americana: A Dictionary of Books Relating to America from Its Discovery to the Present Time), this collection contains works about the Americas published throughout the world from 1500 to the early 1900's. Included are books, pamphlets, serials and other documents that provide original accounts of exploration, trade, colonialism, slavery and abolition, the western movement, Native Americans, military actions and much more. With over 6 million pages from 29,000 works, this collection is a cornerstone in the study of the western hemisphere.

Slavery & anti-slavery: a transnational archive
Slavery and Anti-Slavery includes collections on the transatlantic slave trade, the global movement for the abolition of slavery, the legal, personal, and economic aspects of the slavery system, and the dynamics of emancipation in the U.S. as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions.

United Nations iLibrary
"The comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations."

Yeats Collection
William Butler Yeats Collection is a complete electronic edition of Yeats's work, bringing together 22 printed volumes and including critical and fictional prose, poetry, plays, and autobiographical works.

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