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Archaeology Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

Course Listings

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Degree Requirements:

Minor in Archaeology

The Archaeology Minor requires five courses (20 credits total). A coherent collection of classes will be designed by the Archaeology minor's advisor and the student during advising consultation. ADVISING SHEET FOR MINOR.

Required by all minors:

  1. ARCH 103: Introduction to Archaeology (offered every Fall semester)

    This course provides an introduction to the history, methods, theory and broader social context of modern archaeological practice. As a field dedicated to the study of the human past through the examination of material remains, the course examines a variety of methods such as scientific excavation, satellite imaging, materials analysis, paleopathology, ethnography, underwater archaeology and landscape archaeology. In this class, we will explore some of the major questions that interest archeologists now, how these questions compare to archaeological work in previous generations, and the sources of evidence used to investigate the questions. ARCH 103 introduces minors to the field of archaeology and provides a foundation for advanced classes in anthropology, archaeology, geology, history and religion. Two field excavation days or laboratory days are part of the course requirements. Every year.

  2. HIST 305: Archaeological Field Methods (offered every May Term) or fulfilled by an archaeological field school.

  3. Three additional courses:

    1. Two courses at the lower-level across TWO DIFFERENT departments. Typical classes might include: ART 110: Art History, EAST 290: Introduction to the Silk Road; GEOL 150: Physical Geology; HIST 110: Ancient Mediterranean Worlds; HIST 121: US History I; RELI 121: Art of Biblical Literature; or SOCI 110: Cultural Anthropology

    2. One course at the upper-level. Typical courses might include: ART 280: Art of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica; HIST 302: Archaeology of the Near East; GEOL 240: Process Geomorphology; RELI 333: Buddhist Thought and Scriptures; SOCI 245: Gender and Society

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