C.A.B.L.E. Takes on Chicago

Sami Petruzzi is a senior Communication and Spanish double major who is involved in many organizations on campus. For the past year, Petruzzi has been a member of the C.A.B.L.E. (Communication and Business Leadership Education) program who recently ventured on a business trip to Chicago. Petruzzi shares her experience with the program and the business trip.

CABLE Group PhotoWe started off November in Chicago, Illinois where we presented case studies to J.P. Morgan Chase and Google. While our days were packed full of traveling and networking, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

At the beginning of the semester, the C.A.B.L.E. team was split into two, five-people groups and each group was assigned a case study to present to these prestigious companies. After many hours of research, conference calls, and practice, we successfully presented compelling cases that led both companies to look into implementing our ideas in the future. It is a relief to be done with these important presentations, but it was also very rewarding to know that our efforts are being considered.

While on our trip, two Wittenberg alumni graciously hosted us at their companies and several others served on an panel that allowed us to interact and network with alumni. We visited Pillars, the largest nonprofit provider of mental health and social services in the western and southwestern suburbs of Chicago, and Outcome Health, a healthcare technology company. At each of these companies, we met with current employees and discovered more about each industry and company culture. In addition, they offered us advice about graduating and entering the “real world.” I am so grateful for the amazing Wittenberg alumni who took the time to meet with us during our short time in the city.

The C.A.B.L.E. program has given me so much over the past year, but this trip was definitely the highlight of my experience. I was able to put my skills to the test at one of the biggest, most highly-regarded companies in the world. Not only did this program provide me an abundance of knowledge that expanded my professional development, but I also gained more confidence in my skills and feel more prepared for my future than ever before.

Pictured Above: 2017-2018 C.A.B.L.E. members (pictured left to right, top to bottom): Nick Tafoya, Ryan Maguire, Luke Durrell, Chis Sloneker, Tim Bates, Zara Ticker, Nicole Karavakis, Abby Habb, Sami Petruzzi, Mecca Abdul-Aziz

By Sami Petruzzi ('18)


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