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Communication Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A.: Communication
  • Minor: Communication

Course Listings

Click here to read complete descriptions of the Communication courses offered at Wittenberg.

Degree Requirements:

Major in Communication

The Communication major consists of 36 credits, distributed as follows:

  • Communication 200, 300Z, 301 and 403
  • Eight credits from 270S, 280 and 290S
  • Eight credits from 320, 322, 323, 324, 325, 327, 328, 329, 330, 350, 351, 360 and 361
  • Four credits of a Communication elective or other approved course(s)
  • Attendance at all departmental colloquia is also required

Click here for a checklist version of the requirements

Further Learning Opportunities

The faculty encourage students to explore internship possibilities. Both the department and Career Services have resources to assist students in identifying potential internship sites. Students can also earn 1-8 credits for a Communication internship through Communication 491. While these credits do not apply to the major, they do count toward the degree.

Related Areas of Study

Students interested in Communication may wish to take course offerings from several other departments on campus. For students with specific professional aspirations, these offerings include English 241: Beginning Journalism, English 321: Advanced Studies in Journalism (see Journalism minor), Business 340: Marketing Management, Business 441: Advertising and Promotion, Art 241: Introduction to Photography, and Art 245: Computer Imaging. More broadly, students may also wish to further the ethical basis of their education by taking courses such as Philosophy 103: Ethics and Identity, Religion 171S: Urban Life and Social Ethics, Religion 172S: Poverty and Social Ethics, and Religion 176S: Racism and Social Ethics. A student should consult with an academic advisor to consider further course work that would complement each individual's program of study.

Minor in Communication

The Communication minor consists of 20 credits, distributed as follows: Communication 200; four credits from 270S, 280 and 290S; four credits in Communication at the 300 level; and eight credits in electives in Communication or other approved courses (except 491). Attendance at departmental colloquia also is required.

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