New Adviser Offers Optimistic Future For Wittenberg Student Radio Station, WUSO - 89.1FM

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio — There is a new adviser on board Wittenberg’s student-run radio station, WUSO-89.1 FM, and he is promising to take the station in an exciting new direction. Scott Leo, play-by-play announcer for the Columbus Clippers, the Class AAA affiliate of Major League Baseball’s fabled New York Yankees franchise, has already demonstrated great enthusiasm.

Intimately familiar with the Wittenberg campus after more than five years coordinating broadcasts of a wide variety of Tiger sporting events, Leo recently attended his first WUSO meeting with plenty of original ideas, direction and anticipation.

Leo, who began his professional career at Springfield radio station WBLY-1600 AM as an assistant sports and news broadcaster while still a college student, said he hopes to take WUSO to new heights. When WBLY, which changed its call letters to WULM in 2002, stopped broadcasting Wittenberg sporting events, Leo was instrumental in orchestrating the move to WUSO in December 2003.

The combination of sports, radio and a college environment is a natural for him.

“Sports and radio – they just always went together for me,” said Leo, a native of Kettering, Ohio, and a 2004 graduate of Wright State University.

“WUSO is such a valuable resource for Wittenberg students, faculty, staff and alumni in terms of covering current events and promoting the university,” he added. “My knowledge of broadcasting and advertising will help me get the most out of the students participating in the station’s activities. I hope to give them a wide range of broadcasting opportunities in the future.”

In addition to announcing Wittenberg sporting events on WUSO, Leo also works as director of broadcasting for the Clippers after spending the last two years in a similar role with the Richmond Roosters, an independent Frontier League baseball franchise that moved to Traverse City, Mich., in September.

As WUSO’s new adviser, Leo hopes to gain a wider base of listeners. In 2004, the station increased its broadcasting range to a 30-mile radius after upgrading the previous 10-watt transmitter to a 120-watt transmitter. Leo also wants to incorporate interviews and news segments as well as broadcast such university events as convocations and concerts.

The possibility also exists that WUSO will broadcast more athletic events in the future, and Leo hopes to explore online opportunities as well.

Station manager Mike Scott, class of 2006 from Lake Orion, Mich., is excited to have Leo serve as the new adviser and is confident in his ability to take the station to the next level.

“I hope that WUSO plays a vital role in university functions,” Scott said.

Listeners can tune into WUSO at 89.1 FM. Athletic broadcast can also be heard online via Stretch Internet.

Alecia Dimar '06

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