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Organizational Leadership

An evening/weekend option for bachelor-degree completion, Organizational Leadership is a multidisciplinary, applied-learning program designed for students who want a broad academic background to prepare them for supervisory and management careers.

A rapidly growing global environment creates demand for professionals who are schooled in leadership. Today's employers want individuals who exhibit strengths in problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, sound judgment and decision making, listening, conflict management, and human resource management.

An education in Organizational Leadership can provide you with a broad perspective on the best practices for managing complex social, cultural, and professional issues that you are likely to encounter in positions of leadership.

Wittenberg's Organizational Leadership program is also designed around your needs as a highly motivated professional who seeks career advancement while continuing to manage job and family responsibilities.

Features that make it work for you:

Convenient and unique class format combines traditional meeting with carefully designed online components. With @witt @home, you only attend class eight times during a 16-week semester. The remainder of your course work is completed on your home computer, at the time you choose.

Other benefits available:

  • Financial Aid
  • Half tuition scholarships are available for PTK members from community colleges.
  • Yellow Ribbon Program for GIs subsidizes tuition and fee not covered by the in-state rate.

Course Requirements

B.A. Degree with a major in Organizational Leadership:

The program includes three parts: general education, major concentration, and elective credits. To complete the B.A. from Wittenberg University you need total of 126 semester credits.

General Education:

This part of the program consists of courses and experiences that allow you to meet key learning goals in the following categories:

  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Language
  • Natural World
  • Social Institutions, Processes and Behavior
  • Fine, Performing and Literacy Arts
  • Religious and Philosophical Inquiry
  • Western Historical Perspectives
  • Non-western Culture
  • Community Service (non-credit, adults may apply prior service)

Organizational Leadership Major Concentration Requirements:

  • Liberal Studies Colloquium (4)
  • Understanding Financial Statement (4)
  • Organizational Behavior* (4)
  • Human Resource Management* (4)
  • Business and Professional Communication* (4)
  • Principles of Economics* (4)
  • Leadership Issues (4)
  • Reading in Leadership** (4)
  • Elective in Leadership** (4)
  • Senior Leadership Seminar (4)

*Credits for these courses count under General Education.

**Topics include team leadership, human resource, conflict resolution and negotiation.

Free Electives

This area typically absorbs transferred credits that do not apply to General Education or the Major Concentration. This area also allows for additional Wittenberg Courses of your choice.


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