Cultures & Language Across the Curriculum

Wittenberg offers a distinctive, nationally recognized Cultures and Language Across the Curriculum Program (CLAC) that allows students to use their language skills in a wide variety of disciplines.

In this unique program, students work with a professor from a course in another discipline and a member of the language department to design and complete a project directly related to what they're learning in the course and tailored to their skill level in the language. CLAC modules can be tied to courses in almost any discipline and have included projects for history, math, political science, sociology, philosophy, religion, economics, psychology, and other courses. CLAC offers students the chance to use their knowledge of another language to further their study of another discipline. The program encourages them to make discoveries about whatever they are studying and to share insights from their research in the target language with classmates and faculty in other disciplines. CLAC offers students the opportunity to use their language skills in a real world setting and to gain insight into how culture and language intersect with the academic disciplines of their interest.

The CLAC module is listed on the students' transcripts and indicates which course was tied to the CLAC experience. The students' transcripts demonstrates to potential employers or graduate schools that they have used their knowledge of a world language to engage in meaningful work in a discipline. CLAC modules offer students the opportunity to earn an additional credit towards their majors and minors in Chinese, German, and Spanish once they have completed or are enrolled in a 3rd semester language course. CLAC modules also count toward the language requirement for International Studies majors and minors.

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