Paul Voytas, Ph.D.

Paul VoytasProfessor of Physics
Sub-Atomic Physics
BDK Science Center 307
(937) 327-7823

Professor of Physics at Wittenberg University. He received his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Michigan (1986) and his Ph.D. in Physics (Experimental Nuclear) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1993). He joined the Wittenberg Faculty in 1998. His primary area of interest is studying the weak interaction (one of the four fundamental forces in nature) through nuclear beta decay. He is also involved in reasearch on applying techniques from different areas of physics to studying beta decay (e.g. optical pumping, atom trapping, and cryogenic detectors). Along those lines, he has received a Research Corp. grant to study Light Induced Atom Desorption and a Research Opportunity Award to use cryogenic detectors in decay studies.

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