Physics Student Opportunities

Departmental Honors

Information/documentation pertaining to receiving Departmental Honors in Physics (a.k.a Sr. Honors Thesis):

Physics Majors' Best Kept Secrets

Things you should know, but might not know to ask:

  • You can do a Senior Honors Thesis without being in the Honors Program
  • The Physics Department has two awards (The Lutz Prize and Weaver Prize) which are given when exceptional potential is seen in a student. The award descriptions are:
    • Lutz Prize: The Arthur L. Lutz Prize is awarded to a student showing potential for a career in secondary physics teaching.
    • Weaver Prize: The Weaver Prize in physics is awarded to the junior physics major who shows the greatest potential for a career in physics.
  • You can get paid for working on a summer research project
    • See faculty about projects they are working on
    • Write a proposal for funding a summer project from the Student Development Board (details: after clicking on the most recent Faculty Manual, search the document for "summer research grants")
    • Search for a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site in physics, astronomy, engineering or other fields.

Student Research

One of the best ways to learn physics is to do physics! At Wittenberg, students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on ongoing research projects, or on projects of their own devising. Projects can be computational, theoretical, or experimental. Below are examples of research projects that Physics majors have done for their Senior Project:

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