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Physics Faculty & Staff

Contact Information:

BDK Science Center 245
(937) 327-6435

Elizabeth GeorgeElizabeth George, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics and Department Chair
Sub-Atomic Physics, Physics Education
BDK Science Center 308
(937) 327-7854


Daniel FleischDaniel Fleisch, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
Electromagnetics and Space Physics
BDK Science Center 309
(937) 327-7824


Valerie E. PlausValerie E. Plaus, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
BDK Science Center 314
(937) 327-7826

Paul VoytasPaul Voytas, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
Sub-Atomic Physics
BDK Science Center 307
(937) 327-7823

Jeremiah D. WilliamsJeremiah D. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics
Dusty Plasma Physics
BDK Science Center 311
(937) 327-7825

Erin NeelyMrs. Erin Neely
Department Assistant
BDK Science Center 308
(937) 327-7821



Emeriti Faculty Members

William E. DollhopfWilliam E. Dollhopf, Ph.D.
Emeritus Associate Professor of Physics
Nuclear Physics


Albert J. Frasca, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Physics
Nuclear Physics

M. Paul Hagelberg, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Physics


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