Principal Licensure

Principal Licensure Requirements

Those who wish to work towards the principal licensure can do so as part of their MA in Educational Leadership Program or separately if the coursework is all that is required. Courses required for Principal Licensure are:

EDUC 539. The Principalship. 3 credits. Presents the educational leadership skills necessary for successful principals at the K-12 levels. This course provides candidates with a conceptual base from which they can develop educational leadership skills necessary to function effectively as a principal. The course connects the skills acquired to other courses required for the principal licensure. Prerequisite: Completion of EDUC 512, EDUC 526, EDUC 528, EDUC 532, EDUC 537, and EDUC 581 and/or transcript review by the Director of Graduate Studies.

EDUC 582. School Leader Internship II. 3 credits. This is the capstone experience for principal licensure-seeking candidates. There are 120 clock hours required in a variety of activities aligned with building principal standards. Working with an on-site mentor and a Wittenberg University faculty member, students are provided up to one year to complete the requirements for the course. Increasingly complex leadership responsibilities will be required. Prerequisite:  successful completion of all courses in leadership program and EDUC 539 The Principalship or taken concurrently with EDUC 539.

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