Russian and Central Eurasian Studies

Through the study of history, art, language, literature, music, economics, sociology and politics, students gain important knowledge about Russia and Central Eurasia today.

As of Fall 2020, students are unable to declare a minor in Russian and Central Eurasian Studies. Students who have previously declared will be able to complete the requirements. If you have questions, please check with your advisor, or contact the Office of the Registrar at

In an interdependent world, Russia and the nations of Central Eurasia offer immense possibilities for trade and cooperation.

The Russian and Central Eurasian Studies program offers students the opportunity to study the complicated fabric of these societies through an interdisciplinary approach.

Wittenberg is able to offer some of the finest study abroad opportunities in Russia and Central Eurasia, among them on-site study in Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir and more. Intensive study of the Russian language also can be pursued at Middlebury College or Indiana University over the summer.

Faculty expertise and experience come from regularly conducting research in Russia and Central Eurasia, publishing scholarly papers and books, and addressing professionals and students around the United States and abroad.

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