The interdisciplinary nature of Wittenberg's religion program exposes students to a broad range of perspectives "historical, literary, philosophical, theological and social scientific."

Wittenberg's religion program will introduce you to the depth and richness of religious texts, spiritual practices, and moral and cultural values found in major religious traditions.

The study of religion teaches the foundational liberal arts skills of reading, interpretation, analysis, critical thinking, writing and speaking that are essential in any career.

Many of our students are drawn to religious studies simply because they are interested in the religious dimensions of human experience, past or present. Others choose to major or minor in the department as a foundation for further religious studies in seminary or graduate school.

Learn more about the academic study of religion and what you can do with a religious studies major at, a resource sponsored by the American Academy of Religion.


Religion in the News:

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  • Distinguished Lecturer: Wittenberg Series Continues with Kenneth H. Sauer Luther Symposium (published September 29, 2016)
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