Travis Proctor, Ph.D.

Travis Proctor Assistant Professor of Religion
(937) 327-7403
Hollenbeck 320

Dr. Travis Proctor, Assistant Professor of Religion, specializes in religions of the ancient Mediterranean, with a focus on histories of Christian cultures in the ancient world (ca. 50-500 CE). His research draws on perspectives from cultural studies, gender studies, and the environmental humanities to demonstrate how the histories of religious cultures have continuing significance for society today. His current research explores early Christian theorizations of nonhuman bodies - particularly those of evil "demons" - and how such conceptualizations impacted early Christian interactions with their cosmic “ecosystems.” His other research interests include topics in ancient environmental history, space & material culture, ecocriticism, posthumanism, and ritual studies.

Dr. Proctor’s teaching emphasizes critical, experiential learning that connects historical issues with topics of contemporary significance, including connections between ancient forgeries and modern “fake news,” historical and contemporary notions of gender/sexuality, and the interactions between religious cultures and human treatment of the environment. His courses often feature experiential components, including course “field studies” of contemporary religious cultures and immersive role-playing reenactments of historical controversies. At Wittenberg, Dr. Proctor teaches courses on the New Testament, Christian Tradition, Hebrew Bible, Demons & Angels, Religion & Nature, Religion & Gender, and Fake News, Forgeries, & Frauds.

Dr. Proctor received his B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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