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Religion Student Opportunities

Senior Research Paper Topics

All senior religion majors must complete a research paper before graduating. Some examples of topics that recent majors chose are:

  • The Legacy of Zarathusta: An analysis of Misunderstood religion and Its Effects on the Post- Exilic Development of Judaism
  • Darwinism and Christianity: The Creating Conflict
  • Confucian Ethics and Care for the Elderly
  • Mind Body Dualism and Alienation in Western Culture and Feminism
  • Guilt is Not Enough: Steps Toward Post- Holocaust Christian Theology
  • The Christian's Response to Biblical Oppression: The Wife's Status within the Family
  • Images of Jesus
  • Reclaiming the Whole: Spirit and Body United Through the Art of Dance (dance concert)
  • Taoism and Deconstruction
  • Homosexuality and the Churn
  • Definition of Death in Jewish Law and its implication for Organ Transplantation
  • The Historical Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of Social Revolutionary
  • Feminist Theology and Metaphysical Equality

Alumni Outcomes

Recent religion graduates have found employment in such places as:

  • Peace Corps, volunteer
  • Wilmington College, admission counselor
  • Hilltop Retirement Village, marketing representative
  • Lutheran Volunteer Corps, volunteer
  • Pam Nations Instructing Groups, senior instructor
  • VISTA, volunteer
  • Parent- Infant center, volunteer coordinate
  • General Motors, design engineer

Recent graduates have pursued graduate/professional study at such schools as:

  • The University of Chicago Divinity School
  • Gettysburg Theological Seminary
  • Harvard Divinity School
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia
  • Pacific Lutheran Seminary
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Trinity Lutheran Seminary
  • Union Theological Seminary
  • Yale Divinity School
  • Syracuse University Law School
  • The Ohio State University (College Administration)
  • Case Western University, Bioethics Program
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