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The Russian minor incorporates courses in language instruction, contemporary issues, speech etiquette and cultural traditions.

Degrees Offered:

  • Minor: Russian
  • Students may also self-design an interdisciplinary major in Russian. If interested, please contact Dr. Lila Zaharkov ( for more information.

Students also have the option of a major or minor in Russian and Central Eurasian Studies.

Course Listings

  • Click here to read complete descriptions of the Russian courses offered at Wittenberg.

Degree Requirements:

Minor in Russian

The minor consists of 20 credits chosen from the following courses. Russian 112: Beginning Russian II is the prerequisite for the courses in the 200-level, or by placement exam.

I. Ten credits from the following two-credit courses:

  • Russian 260: Contemporary Issues (offered yearly)
  • Russian 262: Art of Translation (offered yearly)
  • Russian 263: Culture and Film (offered yearly)
  • Russian 264: Voices from the Past (offered alternate spring semesters)
  • Russian 266: Russian Speech Etiquette (offered alternate years)
  • Russian 230: Topics in Russian Language (1-4 credits)

II. Four credits of courses on the 300-level or above (four of which may be taken through study abroad):

  • Russian 316: Cultural Traditions (2 credits)
  • Russian 317: National Identity (2 credits)
  • Russian 330: Topics in Russian Language
  • Russian 490: Independent Study

III. Two credits from Culture and Language Across the Curriculum (CLAC)

  • One credit of Russian 270: CLAC
  • One credit of Russian 370: CLAC

IV. Four credits chosen from:

  • Russian 130: Topics in Translation
  • History 251: Medieval Russia
  • History 252: Imperial Russia
  • History 212: Topics in Russian History as appropriate (Medieval History of Eastern Europe, etc.)
  • Political Science 352: Russian Foreign Policy
  • Sociology 390: Russian and Central Eurasian Societies
  • Economics 231: European Economic History (Prerequisite: Economics 190)
  • Economics 275: Economies in Transition (Prerequisite: Economics 190)
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