Spanish Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A.: Spanish
  • Minor: Spanish

Course Listings

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Degree Requirements:

Major in Spanish

Requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish – 36 credits

  • 12 credits of 200-level SPAN courses
  • 12 credits of 300-level SPAN courses, including SPAN 301 or SPAN 302
  • 12 credits of 400-level SPAN courses
  • Spanish 301 or 302, and at least one 400-level course must be completed at Wittenberg. All coursework for the major must be taught in Spanish. Students may substitute Span 130 for one of the 400-level courses if they complete the reading, writing, and other coursework assignments in Spanish. To successfully complete the Spanish major, students turn in a final portfolio by the end of their spring semester, senior year.

Minor in Spanish


  • 12 credits at the 200 level
  • 8 credits at the 300 level or above
  • All coursework for the minor must be taught in Spanish. Students may only take classes for the minor using the pass-fail option with the instructor's permission.

Licensure for Teaching in Spanish

Licensure for Teaching in Spanish Students interested in pursuing a course of study leading to a license to teach Spanish should contact their adviser or the Education Department for specific requirements.

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