Behavioral Warning Signs of Violent Behavior

If a student or any other person on campus shares information or behaves in a way that leads you to believe he or she could harm himself/herself or others, you are obligated to report that information to the appropriate University administrator. You can make a report to either the Dean of Students or Chief of Police.

While it's almost impossible to identify a person who wants to commit an act of violence, according to the American Psychological Association, violence is a serious possibility if a number of these warning signs are witnessed:

  • Repeated loss of temper
  • Frequent physical fighting
  • Vandalism or property damage
  • Increased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Increased demonstration of risk-taking behavior
  • Announcing plans or threats to commit acts of violence or hurt others
  • Enjoyment in hurting animals
  • Carrying, access to or fascination with weapons, especially guns
  • Withdrawal from friends and usual activities
  • Feelings of rejections and marginalization
  • Being a victim of bullying
  • Poor school performance
  • History of discipline problems or frequent run-ins with authority
  • Failing to acknowledge the feelings or rights of others
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