Illness or Serious Injury

A. In the event of a serious injury in which the victim requires an ambulance, call the ambulance directly by dialing 911. Be prepared to give the dispatcher as much information as possible including your name, the nature of the injury, whether or not the injured person is conscious, the location of the injured person, and any other information pertinent to the situation. Immediately after calling 911, notify the Wittenberg Police dispatcher (937-327-6363) of your actions.

B. Return to the injured person and attempt to keep him/her as calm and comfortable as possible. Do not move the person unless absolutely necessary to prevent further injury.

C. First aid should only be given to the injured person by a trained person.

D. Remain with the injured person until a Wittenberg Police officer or an ambulance arrives. Advise the officials on the scene of the nature of the illness or injury.

E. Persons with serious illnesses or serious injuries are transported to the local hospital emergency room by the Springfield Fire Division Emergency Squad personnel.

F. Students with minor illnesses or minor injuries can be treated at the Student Health and Wellness Center during its hours of operation and, if the Health Center is not open, are advised to go to one of the local urgent care facilities or make an appointment to see a private physician. Always notify Wittenberg Police when there is an issue regarding transportation for non life threatening issues and minor injuries. In most events a squad will be summoned for transportation and evaluation. In rare cases transportation can be made by our officers. This is based on a case-by-case basis.

G. No matter how insignificant an on-the-job injury may seem when it occurs, faculty, staff and student workers are required to notify their supervisor and the Human Resources Department. All reports should be made before leaving work on the day of the injury. This report is required by law and serves to protect your rights under the Workers' Compensation Act.

H. The Wittenberg Police dispatcher will initiate the proper notification procedure for contacting appropriate personnel when a student, employee, or visitor is injured on or near campus.

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