Vehicle Accidents

Emergency Response Procedures

  1. In the event that an accident occurs on or near campus, notify the Wittenberg Police dispatcher at 1-937-327-6363 immediately. Or call 911.
  2. Give your name, location and telephone number, if possible, and describe the nature of the accident for the dispatcher. Remain at this location until an officer arrives.
  3. Advise the dispatcher if the nature of the accident requires an ambulance, fire truck or police.
  4. If there are injuries associated with the accident, return to the injured person and attempt to keep him/her as calm and comfortable as possible. Do not move the person unless absolutely necessary to prevent further injury. First aid should only be given to the injured person by a trained person.
  5. If the accident involves a University vehicle, you must report the incident to the Wittenberg Police Division, whether or not damage or injury occurs and whether or not the accident occurs on or off campus. Do not leave the scene of the accident until excused by the proper authorities. A police report is required for insurance purposes.  Do not make any statement regarding the accident to anyone except to the police.
  6. The Wittenberg Police dispatcher will initiate the proper notification procedure for contacting appropriate personnel when an accident occurs on or near campus.
  7. A Wittenberg police officer will respond to evaluate the situation. Investigate or notify the proper agency necessary.
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