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Tuition Payment Options

Wittenberg realizes the growing parental concern to provide a high quality education, while still meeting other personal budget demands. In response, we have taken a leadership role in providing affordable alternatives to help families meet this increasing challenge. Wittenberg is pleased to offer the following payment options for your student's college expenses.

Traditional Semester Payment

The FALL semester statement is emailed the first week of July and the SPRING semester statement is emailed the first week of December. Make An Online Payment Here!

Monthly Payment Plan

Through a partnership with Tuition Management Systems, Wittenberg University is pleased to offer the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option. This plan enables parents and students to spread their yearly education expenses over 10 monthly payments. The 10-month program begins on July 1st. Enroll today by calling T.M.S. at (800) 722-4867 or by visiting them and calculating your budget on the web at:

Education Loan Options

Sometimes it may be necessary to take out an education loan to cover your college expenses. If you have already exhausted all of your Federal loan options and you want to explore private education loans, you can see available options here. Students will need a credit-worthy cosigner but most private education loans have a cosigner release provision that allows for the cosigner to petition to be removed from the loan after a set number of on-time payments. If you have questions about education loans, please feel free to visit our loan resource page.

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