Brown Girls Club (BGC)

BGC is aimed at building a strong sense of community on and off campus through networking with our community and programming.

Using our motto:

“You matter
Sisterhood Matters
Your Mental Health Matters
Your Body Matters
Your Voice Matters”

to educate everyone on how to be comfortable in themselves and how to navigate any situation that comes. Brown Girls Club was originally for the target audience of Brown Girls here on campus so that they could have a safe space here and act as mentors for more girls to come. Then we realized why just have one safe space when this campus should be our safe space since it will be our home for four years. Inclusion, comfortability, and support is a big thing for BGC and to achieve all those things we must start by building a community right here, and we have. We have a total of 35 active members from all different backgrounds. Our members have students of color, allies that are willing to learn and embrace change, international students, and LGBTQ+ students. We’re so excited to run more programing based off our motto with our BGCs next semester!

Mentoring: Brown Girls Club currently has two partnerships and one program with mentoring available. BGC has partnership with Columbus Recs and Parks and SCYMS x GirlPower. The Programming they will be running on campus is called Tiger Cubs. If your already apart of BGC you will be assigned a little as well. All students that take the CCUE-100 course can allocate the hours worked mentoring toward the community service hours we must all have to graduate.

Columbus Recs and Parks Partnership: Brentnell Recreational Center runs all year. In the summer, the attendance skyrockets. They provide a safe space for children the ages of 7-13. The recreational center serves as a big resource in the north side community. Not only does it provide a safe space for the children, but it provides resources for the students and parents as well. As of June 15th, BGC will be a part of that center. We will be running our programming based off our motto to educate the young girls that we will be serving. Our goal for this summer is to let these young girls know that they are not alone physically or in their experiences and to prepare them for any situation that may come. We want them to leave more confident and educated then they came.

SCYM x GirlPower: GirlPower is an after school program that's held here in Springfield. Brown Girls Club will be participating one day a week bringing a group of our girls from campus to run our programming and act as mentors. Partnering with GirlPower we plan on bringing them to campus as well so they can learn more about Wittenberg with it being right in their city.

Tiger Cubs: Tiger Cubs is just pairing incoming students or students that never got the chance to get out that need guidance with upperclassmen “You can't be a tiger until your active in our tiger neighborhood”, and you can't be active if you're in your room and not networking and finding your space. Our goal with this program is to make sure that no student is eating alone in the CDR, going without much needed resources, staying in their room and just not getting the full Wittenberg experience. We want you to feel at home here!


  • Shades of Sisterhood
  • Color & Sip
  • BGC Movie Nights- Movie series that's not based off women in traumatic events
  • Spring Event
  • Programing Bi-Weekly


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