Student Diversity Advisory Board

The Student Diversity Advisory Board is a forum for the Student Development Staff and other administrators to hear directly from students about their experiences to better advocate for a more inclusive learning environment that supports unique perspectives and values differences.


The Student Diversity Advisory Board is a group of diverse Wittenberg students that represent various identities, who meet regularly to consider and discuss matters concerning diversity and student life. The Board identifies ways to educate about diversity, advocate for marginalized populations, and provide guidance as Witt works to address community issues.


The goals of the Board shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work with and advise the Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion,  Student Development team, and other administrators concerning the promotion of diversity and inclusion efforts on campus
  • Educate, discuss, evaluate, and share matters of diversity to enhance and foster an inclusive and welcoming campus environment
  • Develop an effective and efficient means of communication about diversity issues with all members of the community
  • Celebrate the differences  in people and intersections of identity without attaching values


  • The Board is co-chaired by the Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, and a student
  • The following University administrators will also sit on the board: Associate Dean for Residence Life, Associate Dean for Student Success, Provost, and chair of the Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee or designee. All will serve as ex-officio members.
  • Undergraduate students who are passionate about diversity and inclusion and willing to share their experiences with others are encouraged to apply.
  • Guests are invited to the meetings based on their area of expertise and experiences.
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