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Astronomy Club Constitution

Mission Statement: The cosmos has fascinated humanity since the dawn of time. Planets, moons, comets, stars, and galaxies have captivated the minds and hearts of scientists, philosophers, and millions of people all over the world. Many have been intrigued by the immense size and energy of the universe. In this spirit, Wittenberg University's Astronomy Club offers the chance to enjoy the mysteries of space through observation, education, and fun activities.

Article I. The name of this organization shall be the Wittenberg Astronomical Society, hereinafter referred to as the Astro Club, Astronomy Club, or Club.

Article II. The purpose of this organization is to promote, through its activities, interest and education in astronomy and related space sciences for its members, the University, the local youth and the general public.

Article III. Membership in the Astronomy Club shall be open to any Wittenberg student, faculty, and staff who wish to join the club. In order to maintain member status within the club, one should remain active in club activities, and attend meetings when possible. Note that voting members are limited to those who are students. An up-to-date membership list shall be kept by the Secretary of the club and reviewed/updated as necessary.

Article IV. The following officers will conduct club meetings and communicate between the members of the club and the Wittenberg community. They will hold office for a year’s term, whereupon elections will be held in the Spring semester. In the event of a vacancy, the President or Vice President shall call a special meeting for the purpose of a special election to fill the vacancy.

     A. The President’s duty is to lead meetings and keep order when matters of business are being discussed. Also, the president will allot duties to other officers.
     B. The Vice President’s duty is to oversee events and contact the necessary persons involved. The Vice President will also take over the President’s responsibilities when he/she is absent.
     C. The Secretary’s duty is to keep an updated list of club members, to take complete and accurate minutes of all meetings, to maintain files of the minutes of all meetings, and to convey all club correspondence.
     D. The duties of the Treasurer include: developing a budget in accordance with student organization guidelines; submitting the budget to Student Senate; maintaining complete and accurate records of club finances; reporting the status of club finances to the membership at each regular meeting; and overseeing the disbursement of club funds.
     E. The Public Relations Officer will be in charge of advertising for the club and recruitment of members.
     F. The webmaster’s duty is to keep the Facebook page, Google calendar, and club website interesting and up-to-date.

Article V. An officer may be removed from office provided the following conditions are met:

     A. A written proposal for removal containing the signatures of at least 50% of the voting membership shall be provided to all officers of the club at least one week prior to a regular meeting.
     B. At the next regular meeting following the submission of the proposal for removal, the proposal shall be voted upon by the voting membership after time has been provided for the general membership to discuss the proposal. If requested, each side may have time allotted to present their case.
     C. An officer may be removed from office by a two thirds majority of the voting membership present.
     D. A removed officer may not hold office in the club for one full academic year following removal.

Article VI. Meetings shall be conducted monthly. In addition, the club will be responsible for frequent observing sessions and activities, weather permitting.

Article VII. The Wittenberg Astronomical Society’s Executive Officers shall meet as needed for items of special importance.

Article VIII. Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Wittenberg Astronomical Society may be made at any time provided the request for amendment is approved by a two thirds majority of the voting members at a regular meeting. An amendment must receive a two thirds majority of the voting members at a regular meeting to become effective. Any newly approved amendment shall be immediately added to the constitution and by-laws and distributed to the voting membership by no later than the next regular meeting.

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