Ting-Guang Yang

Ting-Guang HangFulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant 2021-2022
Mandarin Chinese
Hollenbeck Hall 226
(937) 327-6125

TingGuang or Yang laoshi is a Mandarin teaching assistant from the Fulbright program during 2021-2022. She is Formosan from Formosa, Taiwan. Her teaching methods focus on listening and speaking to build up Mandarin learners' confidence without overwhelming them by using Mandarin characters for true beginners. Her oral proficiency practice skills used in class are student centered with a speaking time ratio of 6:4 between students and teacher that trains beginners to be able to communicate in Mandarin in one semester or 3 months.

She received her B.S. from National Chiayi University and her Certification of Pedagogy Chinese Language Teacher Training Program from National Taiwan University.

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