Wittenberg University's Sport Management program prepares students for a career in the sport industry, including professional sport, intercollegiate athletics, interscholastic athletics, recreation, or health and fitness.

The program gives students a competitive edge in one of the nation's fastest growing fields, and is an excellent option for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the sport industry.

We cannot escape the pervasiveness of sport in the American economy and society as a whole. The sport management program provides students with academic preparation and practical training that are required to be successful in various careers in the sport industry. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary knowledge base through field experiences, internships, classroom activities and case studies.

Wittenberg's sport management program produces a different kind of pre-professionally trained individual - one who is not narrowly trained, but capable of making distinctions across disciplines. Students apply both quantitative and qualitative methods in measuring sport as a business, an occupation and an industry, and they must demonstrate an understanding of the theories and concepts involved in the study of management, marketing, economics, psychology, sociology and ethics of sport.

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