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Statistics Learning Outcomes

Learning Goals for the Major Program in Mathematics with a Concentration in Statistics

At Wittenberg, math majors will develop a breadth of understanding
in calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and computer programming,
along with a depth of knowledge in algebra, analysis, or statistics.
  • Students will formulate complete, concise, and correct mathematical proofs.
  • Students will frame problems using multiple mathematical and statistical representations of relevant structures and relationships and solve using standard techniques.
  • Students will create quantitative models to solve real world problems in appropriate contexts.
  • Students will effectively use professional level technology tools to support the study of mathematics and statistics.
  • Students will clearly communicate quantitative ideas both orally and in writing to a range of audiences.

The coursework that a student undertakes with as a major in mathematics with a concentration in statistics will support the learning goals in the following way:

Course Writing Proofs Prob. Solving Modeling Technology Communication
201/202   Lots Some    
210 Lots Some   Some Lots
227   Lots Lots Lots Some
261   Lots Lots    
Comp 150   Some   Lots  
212/215   Lots Lots    
365/370 Lots       Some
228   Some Some Some  
327/337   Lots Lots Lots Some
328   Some `Some Some  
221 Lots     Lots Some
Data 229   Some Lots Lots  
Comp 250   Some   Lots  
Math 460 Lots       Lots
Stat 460   Some Lots Lots  Lots

Learning Goals for the Minor Program in Statistics

At Wittenberg, stat minors will develop a breadth of understanding
in statistics and probability,
with the goal of applying statistics in context.
  • Students will summarize data visually and numerically.
  • Students will build and assess data-based models.
  • Students will learn and apply the tools of formal inference.
  • Students will ... the mathematical and probabilistic foundations of statistical inference.
  • Students will execute statistical analyses with professional software.

The coursework that a student undertakes with as a minor in statistics will support the learning goals in the following way:

Course Summarize Models Inference Math/Prob Software
Intro stat Lots   Lots   Lots
MATH 327 Lots Lots Lots   Lots
MATH 337 Some Lots Lots   Lots
calculus       Some  
MATH 228       Lots Some
MATH 328     Some Lots  
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