East Asian Studies Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A.: East Asian Studies
  • Minor: East Asian Studies

Course Listings

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Degree Overview:

Business. International Relations. Law. Environmental Science. Teaching. Journalism. Government.

These are just a few of the fields that await you with a Wittenberg East Asian Studies (EAS) degree. Graduate schools across the country, including Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Johns Hopkins, recognize Wittenberg's EAS program and accept our graduates into their distinguished programs. EAS alumni are among the country's finest scholars and have been awarded such prestigious grants as Fulbright, Woodrow Wilson and Mellon Fellowships. At Wittenberg, East Asian Studies equals success - not only in your personal life, but in your professional world, too.

To understand and appreciate East Asia, you need to acquire the tools of discovery - a challenge EAS students eagerly accept. As an EAS student, you will learn Japanese or Chinese, developing not only your conversational skills, but also your ability to read and write. You will also rigorously study the region from a variety of scholarly approaches. The breadth and depth of its interdisciplinary curriculum set East Asian Studies at Wittenberg apart from programs at other colleges and universities, and make you increasingly well-rounded and confident.

Degree Requirements:

Major in East Asian Studies: 34-36 credits

34-46 credits must include:

  • EAST 400 Senior Seminar - 4 credits or EAST 492 Senior Capstone - 2-4 credits
  • 8 credits of language learning above CHIN/JAPN 112 (or equivalent)
  • 8 credits at the 300-level or higher (not including the capstone course)
  • 24 elective credits which must include:
    • 4 credits each from at least 3 different academic departments
    • 4 credits focusing on Japan
    • 4 credits focusing on China
  • Attendance at 7 East Asian Studies Colloquia (may be fewer for students who declare as seniors)

Minor in East Asian Studies: 20 credits

  • 20 credits must include:
    • CHIN/JAPN 112 (or East Asian language competency)
    • 8 credits of content courses (not focused on language-learning)
    • 4 credits each from at least 2 different academic departments
    • 8 credits at the 200-level or higher
  • 12 credits must be taken at Wittenberg
  • No more than 8 credits from a declared Chinese minor may count toward the EAST minor
  • Attendance at 4 East Asian Studies Colloquia (may be fewer for students who declare as seniors)
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