East Asian Studies Internships & Careers

Teaching English as a Second Language

Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme

  • Any bachelor's degree accepted
  • Must apply before deadline of late November (check Web site)
  • Application available on website
  • Apply to be an ALT, CIR, or SEA
  • Cannot apply if lived in Japan for more than 3 years total in the past 8 years
  • Contract is one year, but also renewable
  • JET Programme Web site


  • Length of contract is 33 months including 7 months intensive language study
  • Must apply before late March (check Web site)
  • Any bachelor's degree accepted
  • Opportunity for leadership positions within Lutheran churches
  • Housing, medical coverage, etc. provided
  • ELCA Web site

Earlham College

  • Any bachelor's degree accepted
  • Two semesters of college-level Japanese preferred
  • Compensation equal to those of Japanese educated teachers
  • Housing, stipends, etc. provided
  • No formal deadline; should apply between September and January
  • Earlham College Program Web site

Amity Foundation

  • Any bachelor's degree accepted
  • Apply to teach in China
  • Two year initial commitment with possible one year renewals
  • Travel, insurance, medical coverage, modest housing, etc. provided
  • Actual in-class experience for 12-16 hours a week
  • Amity Foundation Web site


  • Any bachelor's degree accepted
  • Apply for teaching positions in Korea
  • Program lasts for 13 months, starting in July
  • Homestay is required as part of the program
  • Small stipend is included for other varying expenses
  • Fulbright Web site

Colorado China Council

  • Any bachelor's degree accepted
  • Apply for teaching positions in China
  • Must apply by early March for fall placement (Check web site)
  • Contracts last for one year
  • Required fees in order to participate in program
  • Colorado China Council Web site


Why should I teach abroad?

  • Alumni that I have contacted stressed to me the importance of a grasp of the language of the country which you desire to work in as well as the pure experience of being immersed in the culture. Many other opportunities come from simply being in that country, rather that trying to apply for jobs from the United States.

What about "societies"?

  • Japan-America societies can often be the most valuable sources for finding internship and career opportunities:
  • Japan America Society

How can I contact alumni for advice?

  • This best way to go about contacting alumni is by registering in the Career Center for ecampusrecruiter.com. Through this service you will be able to contact alumni on our Tiger Career Advisors Network (TCAN). While they will not find you a job, they can certainly offer great information on a field in which you are interested.

Are there any websites that list job postings for Japan, China or Korea?

  • Not only are there websites, but there are also job fairs hosted around the country with the sole purpose of recruiting potential employees that have excellent language skills, including Careerforum.net

Where exactly can a major or minor in East Asian Studies take my career?

  • Wittenberg alumni all over the world are utilizing their major or minor in various ways:
  • Vice President of Global Sources (Hong Kong)
  • Co-founder of Pacifica Human Communications, LLC (Washington, DC)
  • Assisant Museum Educator, East Asian Art Specialist at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Principle Director, Office of Detainee Affairs in Department of Defense (Oak Hill, VA)



Smithsonian International Center

  • Program open to students in their undergraduate junior or senior years
  • Opportunity to work in a variety of international content areas including: the Office of
  • International Relations, the International Gallery, the Smithsonian Institution Monitoring and
  • Assessment of Biodiversity Program, and the Washington office of the Smithsonian Tropical
  • Research Institute.
  • Internship availability varies according to need; however, applications are accepted year-round.
  • Smithsonian International Center Web site

United Nations Internship Programme

  • Intention is to provide students with practical experience in their respective areas of study
  • All applicants must have completed their bachelor's degree and be currently enrolled in a graduate level program
  • Internship is offered on a two month basis three times a year
  • All internships are located in the UN New York offices
  • United Nations Internship Programme Web site

National Association of Japan America Societies

  • Offers internships to college students majoring in such fields as international relations, East Asian studies, and non-profit management.
  • Preferred applicants have an active interest in Japan, U.S.-Japan relations, public and non-profit management.
  • Internships are unpaid; however, commuting costs are reimbursed
  • All internships are located in Washington, DC
  • NAJAS Web site

The US-China Business Council

  • Internships consist of research, fact checking, compiling business for the China Business Review, etc.
  • Preference is given to those able to commit to one year and have Chinese language skills
  • Internships are part-time with pay
  • All internships are located in Washington, DC
  • The US-China Business Council Web site


Dow Jones Newswires Asia-Pacific Internship Program

  • Internships are available to all undergraduates
  • Assist newswire reporters in researching, drafting, etc.
  • Preference is given to those with a knowledge of an East Asian language and major related to journalism, as well as an awareness of financial markets
  • All internships are given a small stipend, but housing must be provided by the individual
  • Dow Jones Newswires Asia-Pacific Internship Program Web site

The United Nations University Internship Programme

  • Internships are available to those who have completed their undergraduate studies
  • Must have a related major, such as international relations, political science, geography, etc.
  • Intentions are to "To promote interaction and dialogue between young scholars and UNU"
  • Can apply for three to six month internships at four period throughout the year
  • All internships are located at the UNU in Tokyo
  • The United Nations University Internship Programme Web site

Thailand Service Corps

  • Any undergraduate or graduate student can apply
  • Interns can participate in programs focusing on Healthcare, Buddhism, HIV/AIDS and Education
  • If internship for credit is desired, a Thai faculty sponsor will be assigned to the participating student
  • Project dates vary throughout the year and program costs do apply
  • Thailand Service Corps Web site

JETRO International Internship Program

  • Wittenberg University is a part of a consortium of universities in the US, UK, and Canada
  • Purpose is to provide services related to trade and investment promotion and regional and development-related research in which interns can participate and learn from
  • Accommodations, salary, etc. are dependent on the host company
  • Applications are usually due by late October
  • Please come to the Career Center for more information
  • JETRO International Internship Program Web site


Why should I find an internship?

  • Internships provide valuable opportunities to gain experience in any interest area. In current job searches, an applicable internship can be the deciding factor in YOU getting the job over an equally qualified candidate. It is also a great way to network, gain new skills, and improve upon your strengths.

Can I do an internship for college credit?

  • You can always do an internship for Wittenberg credit. First, take steps to talk to your advisor. You will both have to create a form of evaluation, or your respective department might already have internship evaluation requirements. Second, contact the Career Center or Registrar's Office to gain the necessary forms. Third, after turning in all of your forms, make sure to check with the Registrar's Office in case there are other forms, requirements, etc. that you must complete. For more information, please look at Wittenberg's Career Center homepage.

Do I have to do my internship for credit?

  • No, you do not have to do an internship for credit. Once again, an internship is a resume builder. So if you have the opportunity to work in a short term internship, paid, unpaid, etc., do not hesitate to do so.

Can I complete an internship while studying abroad?

  • Of course you can complete internship while studying abroad. The key is to gain all of the necessary information and complete required forms far ahead of your departure to guarantee that everything will go smoothly. Different countries have different laws providing guidelines for how many hours and where foreign students can work. If you are interested in doing so, please stop by the Career Center to look at the Internship book which shows all of the internships done by Wittenberg students over the past several years (including those completed in foreign countries).

Are there any websites that list internship programs for Japan, China, Korea, or Thailand?

  • There are many great programs with the sole purpose of helping college students locate internships in foreign countries (including East Asia):
  • Projects Abroad
  • Intern Abroad
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