Wittenberg University's International Business Program is an interdisciplinary major that equips students with the ability to understand international business theory and practice.

The program is comprised of five major components: a core of basic business courses, world language courses, cultural component courses, elective interdisciplinary courses with an international focus, an internship of study abroad experience, and a capstone course with a focus on globalization. Students will gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to foster an in-depth understanding of the values and cultures that provide the foundation for business practices throughout the week.

As the global economy continues to expand, the demand for international business education is higher than ever and is expected to increase. In recent years, Wittenberg's Department of Business has received inquiries from businesses with international sales and operations to recruit students for job openings and internship opportunities.

Wittenberg's International Business Program integrates well within the University's Liberal Arts curriculum and traditions, providing unique experiences and perspectives for students:

  • Understanding a foreign language provides access to different insights;
  • If students and faculty study/teach abroad, which foreign students and faculty study/teach at Wittenberg, there is a dynamic learning environment in which one can deal better with change and diversity;
  • Increased globalization and benefits from being bilingual are likely to continue for the foreseeable future;
  • Program links to Wittenberg's mission of creating "responsible global citizens."

Wittenberg News Release (3/20/23): New program looks to equip students to solve complex social, economic, and environmental issues on a global scale

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