International Business Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A.: International Business

Course Listings

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Degree Requirements

The International Business Program is an interdisciplinary major that equips students with the ability to understand international business theory and practice. The Program is comprised of five major components: a core of basic business courses, world language courses, cultural component courses, elective interdisciplinary courses with an international focus, an internship or study abroad experience, and a capstone course with a focus on globalization. Students will gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to foster an in-depth understanding of the values and cultures that provide the foundation for business practice throughout the world.

Major in International Business (46 credits)

Required Courses

Courses in Business & Economics (24 credits)

  • ACCT 225 Financial Accounting - 4 credits
  • BUSN 212 Research Methods - 4 credits (pre-req: Math level 2 or higher)
  • BUSN 250 International Business - 4 credits
  • BUSN 340 Marketing Strategy and Planning - 4 credits (pre-req: BUSN 212)
  • ECON 200 Principles of Economics - 4 credits         
  • ECON 330 International Trade and Finance - 4 credits (pre-req: ECON 200)

    Courses in World Languages (10 credits)

    • Credits must be above 112 from Chinese, German or Spanish
    • Students who are proficient in a language other than Chinese, German or Spanish and who demonstrate competency at the ACTFL Intermediate-mid level or higher may opt to have 6 of these credits waived and to substitute 4 credits of additional cultural competency coursework instead of the remaining 4 credits of language courses. International students whose first language is not English may also choose this waiver and course substitution without the need to demonstrate competency. Students should contact the World Languages and Cultures chair for more information.

    Course in Statistics (4 credits)

    • Any four-credit course from one of the following:
      • BUSN 210 Business Statistics - 4 credits (pre-req: Math level 2 or higher)
      • DATA 227 Introductory Statistics - 4 credits (pre-req: Math level 2 or higher)
      • PSYC 201 Statistics - 4 credits (pre-req: Math level 2 or higher)

    Electives (4 credits) (or 8 if pursuing a waiver of language as described above)

    A minimum of four credits must be from a course that focuses on Global Cultural Competency. Competency in areas such as literature, culture, film and history, chosen in consultation with an advisor. Such courses may be in the student's target language of study.

    Other electives may be selected from the following 4-credit courses:

    • BUSN 206 Global Entrepreneurship 
    • BUSN 290 Cross-Cultural Management 
    • HIST 106 Modern World History
    • POLI 103 International Relations - 4 credits
    • POLI 253 International Political - 4 credits
    • POLI 254 Global Environmental Politics - 4 credits
    • PSYC 271 Psychology & Culture
    • SOCI 110 Cultural Anthropology
    • SOCI 220 Culture in the Classroom
    • SOCI 315 Cultural Travel Writing
    • Or approved alternative courses in consultation with advisor.

    Internship or Study Abroad (Variable credit)

    Senior Capstone (4 credits)

    • INTL 495 Capstone - 4 credits
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